Nav Sensor Recorder for Android v4.0

Nav Sensor Recorder is a free app that can capture images from camera and log measurements of smartphone's sensors and GNSS receiver. The app would be interesting to researchers, engineers and students who develop algorithms for navigation, positioning, attitude determination, computer vision and SLAM. Nav Sensor Recorder saves sensor data to CSV files which are easy to read and import. Images, captured by devices camera, are referenced to system time that can serve as a natural means of synchronization with IMU, GPS, and other sensors.
Nav Sensor Recorder does not show any advertisements.
The app currently supports the following sensors:
  • Accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer
  • Pressure sensor, light sensor, temperature sensor
  • GPS, i. e. latitude, longitude, height, speed, and heading of motion
  • Accuracy of GPS information, if available
  • GNSS raw observation, including broadcast navigation message (if supported by your phone)
The application stores collected measurements in the following files:
  • Accelerometer measurements: NavSensorRecorder\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss_Acc.csv
  • Gyroscope measurements: NavSensorRecorder\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss_Gyro.csv
  • Magnetometer measurements: NavSensorRecorder\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss_Mag.csv
  • Pressure measurements: NavSensorRecorder\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss_Pres.csv
  • GPS measurements: NavSensorRecorder\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss_GNSS.csv
  • Light sensor: NavSensorRecorder\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss_Light.csv
  • Temperature sensor: NavSensorRecorder\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss_Temp.csv
  • Images in JPEG format: NavSensorRecorder\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss\Camera\ImageData.nex
  • GNSS raw measurements: NavSensorRecorder\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss\yyyyMMdd_HHmmss_GNSS_raw.nex
yyyy, MM, dd, HH, mm, ss denote the year, month, day, hour, minute, and the second of the measurement start. Recorded .csv files are ordinary text files and can be opened by any text editor. Every line presents a new measurement. Values in lines are separated by a semicolon. The first value in every line is a system time in nanoseconds of the corresponding sensor data.
Navigation sensor data exchange format Version 0.0 is used to save JPEG images and GNSS raw observations to binary files with .nex extension.
A Matlab script that extracts JPEG image data from ImageData.nex is available for download at the bottom of this page!
Nav Sensor Recorder can be downloaded on this page and in Google Play. Here you can find the app's Privacy Policy.
If you would like to get Matlab tools to quickly start processing your recorded raw GNSS observations, please visit the Open Aided Navigation project repository.

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Nav Sensor Recorder v4.0 for Android. Record timestamped data of your device's navigation sensors! By downloading the application you agree to use it at your own risk.


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This is a Matlab script that parses ImageData.nex file created by the Nav Sensor Recorder and saves collected images as separate JPEG files.